Abu al-Abbas al-Mursi Mosque in Alexandria

Abu al-Abbas al-Mursi Mosque in Alexandria

Things to see at the Abu al-Abbas al-Mursi Mosque

Abu al-Abbas al-Mursi Mosque has Four domes, a minaret, and an unknown number of arabesques. The mosque of El-Mursi Abul Abbas, with its imposing facade painted in a delicate cream color that matches the urban context in which it is set, is a pearl of rare beauty.

About the mosque:

  • It was built in 1775 to commemorate the Andalusian sheikh whose name it bears.
  • over the centuries, has become one of the most popular places of worship on the White Mediterranean coast.
  • This enchanting mosque is located in Alexandria, the most historic of the city.
  • Alexandria is the home to many other places of interest that make Alexandria a must for travelers who love history and “different” atmospheres.

Abu al-Abbas al-Mursi Mosque | Mosque of Abu al-Abbas al-Mursi | Abu el Abbas el Mursi Mosque in Alexandria






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