Baron Empain Palace

Baron Empain Palace

Baron Empain Palace

The Baron Empain Palace was built at the beginning of the 20th century by Baron Empain, a museum open to the general public so you can add it to your day tours of Cairo, The palace is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., with varying ticket prices for different nationalities, and provides access to the roof to enjoy panoramic views, The palace has many legends and ghost stories associated with its past, making it a unique attraction for ghost tourism, The entire palace is a complete landmark and an epic piece of art that presents a different aspect of architectural design that provides a great sense of curiosity to those seeking beauty and wonder.

Location of the Baron Empain Palace

It is located in the Heliopolis area in Cairo, and you can use various means of transportation to get there. By planning your trip with our company, we will provide you with transportation to reach Al-Qasr, and due to its location, it is also called Heliopolis Palace.

History of Baron Empain Palace

The idea of building it began when Baron Edouard Empain arrived in Cairo and he wanted to build many extremely beautiful architectural works of art. In fact, he sought the help of a French architect and was commissioned to build the palace. The engineer designed a new architectural art form in which the European elements combined with Persian. It is certain that the process of building the palace with concrete The Armed Forces was the first of its kind, and it was during the years 1907 and 1911. It became the residence of Baron Empain, his wife, his daughter, and his two sons, But the palace was exposed to encroachment and vandalism and was sold at auction to the Ministry of Housing. Finally, a restoration project was initiated by the Supreme Council of Antiquities, and already in 2022 the renovation was completed.

Opening Time and Ticket Prices of Baron Palace

The palace opens its doors to welcome visitors every day from 4:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. Ticket prices vary for different nationalities, as they are for Egyptians at one price and foreigners at another price, and also for students at a small nominal price. It is recommended to visit the Baron Palace early to avoid the peak and the sun and enjoy a charming view through Panoramic views and great photos.

Baron Empain Palace

Who Was Baron Edouard Louis Joseph Empain?

He was a talented engineer who returned to Egypt in 1904 and decided to make Egypt, especially Cairo, his headquarters. He is credited with establishing the Heliopolis district and planning to build a metro to transport a large number of people to the site. Empain received the title of Baron in appreciation for his work.

Architecture and Design of Baron Empain Palace

Located on an area of 6,000 acres (4,000 m2), the French engineer built the palace in Heliopolis and was inspired by the Hindu temple of Orissa. The design consists of two floors and a small annex topped with a roof. Around it is a large garden filled with exotic plants and marble statues. Inside the palace, on the lower floor, there is a residence for the palace servants and the spiral staircase that surrounds the palace building, in addition to an elevator. The ground floor has a dining and reception room, and the first floor has four rooms. The palace hotel is full of recreational amenities such as a park. The entrance was decorated with various human shapes, Indian dancers, and snakes in addition to To a number of paintings that tell the long history of the legendary city of Heliopolis.

Baron Empain Palace Scary Story

The Baron’s Palace contains many frightening and incredible legendary stories. Many stories revolved around the Baron’s daughter, Maryam, who was afflicted with a psychological illness that led to her isolation and transformation into a strange being, and some other stories that tell of a romantic relationship with the maid, which led to her suicide, and another mysterious story that tells The death of the Baron’s sister, who died as a result of falling from the balcony. There are a large number of legendary stories related to the mysterious death of Baron Empain, and I also say that there are secret tunnels. All the stories made the palace’s reputation as being haunted and it became a treasure and a strong point to attract tourists.

What to See Inside Baron Empain Palace

It is certain that it was built with the architecture of temples of a magical nature and Indian origins, with statues at its entrance, beautiful decoration, and marble floors, It is distinguished by a hall of mirrors that reflect light, contains many rooms, and it has an elevator that connects all the floors to each other, and a spiral staircase in addition to the roof. It has an open space to view the attractiveness and splendor of Cairo and gives wonderful panoramic views.

In fact, the Baron Palace is an ancient piece full of stories and legends. When planning your trip to Egypt, you should explore the palace with all its stories and legends, enjoy the architecture of the palace, and take wonderful pictures from the roof of the palace.





Frequently Asked Questions
What is the story behind the Baron's Palace?
Known as the Baron's Palace, this outstanding piece of architecture was built in 1910 by a Belgian businessman, industrialist and amateur Egyptologist named Baron Édouard Empain. In fact, he built the entire city of Heliopolis; His goal was to provide Egypt with a city of luxury and leisure.
Who owns Baron Empain Palace?
The Egyptian government bought the palace in 2005.
Who built the Baron Palace?
It was founded by Edward Louis Joseph Empain between 1907 and 1911. He was a Belgian businessman who was awarded the title "Baron".
Is Baron Empain palace haunted?
The majestic yet slightly eerie sight of the palace inspired many spooky stories, and for many years, people believed it was a refuge for ghosts. For instance, some say the palace's embellished high tower was built on a rotating base to view the entire city of Heliopolis.
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