Daily Life in Ancient Egypt

Daily Life in Ancient Egypt

Daily Life in Ancient Egypt

Daily life in ancient Egypt was an ideal life thanks to the blessings that God bestowed upon them. They had a distinctive climate and fertile lands thanks to the Nile River and they established their lives on its banks. They loved this life and enjoyed all the time as much as possible in achieving happiness for themselves, Here we will learn about the most important features of this life.

Social Classes

Among the ancient Egyptians, the population was divided into social classes, and they were distributed in the form of a pyramid, and each one, with his job, was divided from the top of the pyramid to the base of the pyramid. There is no doubt that the top of the pyramid was the share of the king, the queen, and their family, and they had a very special position and had many Riches and enjoyment of luxury and their lives are completely different from the rest of the population. In the second layer of the pyramid comes the class of priests, ministers and doctors.


The class of craftsmen and soldiers. This class had a very important role in protecting the country and the pyramid ends with the class of servants and peasants who produced goods and carried out work. Building. Every individual within his class had an active role in daily life and for this reason their lives were stable and prosperous.

Social Classes



Families During Life in Ancient Egypt

they were interested in establishing and building families. Girls were mostly married at the age of 12 years and boys at the age of 15 years. There was a system where the boys learned the father’s profession and the girls stayed at home learning from their mothers the housework and how to become a wife and mother. They had a belief that the man If he is not married, he is an unbalanced man and must marry. The man was polygamous, but the first wife remained the main wife. There is also no doubt that divorce existed in daily life in ancient Egypt, but it rarely happened. In fact, the family system was simple. Where the wife takes care of the house and raises the children, and the husband works to earn money.

The Role of Women in Life in Ancient Egypt

There was equality between women and men in that they had the right to own property and conduct commercial transactions and the right to speak the truth and testify in court. Some women had the right to rule the country, such as Queen Cleopatra, who had the right to hold the position of priests and other positions. Administrative, but her most important and first role was the home and her role as a wife and mother who takes care of the family.

Religion in Life in Ancient Egypt

 Had many gods, a multi-god society, and they took their gods from nature and their strength from the falcon and the eagle. Each region had its own deity and had its own rituals and celebrations. In addition, they believed in resurrection and eternal life, and therefore they invented the idea of mummification, which is the preservation of the body. Man after death, facts about their religious life from the Book of the Dead, with all the hymns and spells it contains that help the dead to reach the underworld.

Sports in Ancient Egypt Daily Life

Swimming and rowing

Nile River was a very important part of their daily lives, as they taught their children swimming and water mathematics, such as fencing on the water using small boats, competing against each other. They also loved fishing, handball, and the game of chess, which was called “sent.” All of these games were in their daily and recreational lives.

Health in Life of Ancient Egypt

All Egyptian doctors began their training as scribes, and most diseases were caused by the gods as a form of punishment for committing a certain sin. They had knowledge and experience in the field of anatomy, and they also paid attention to the teeth and maintaining the health of their teeth. They used mint to soothe the mouth and made soap and perfumes to maintain their personal health.

The religion played a very important role in the medical and therapeutic life of ancient Egypt because they mixed medical techniques with rituals and spells, There is no doubt that the ancient Egyptians achieved success and progress in surgery for broken bones.

Health in Life of Ancient Egypt

Clothing and Fashion in Ancient Egypt

 Wore clothes made of linen, and the clothes of the king and queen differed from those of the common people, as the king’s clothes were made of silk decorated with gold and jewelry, and the queen wore bracelets, necklaces, amulets, and gold jewelry, while the common people’s clothes were made of linen only. The nobles and the wealthy wore sandals. Made of wide leather, they also used cosmetics such as eyeliner and wigs.

Festivals in Ancient Egypt

It is certain that most of the holidays in daily life in ancient Egypt were religious and were held according to the lunar calendar. They celebrated the birthday of gods such as the gods Amun and Hathor, in addition to the annual celebrations and the Feast of the Flood. They celebrated in an atmosphere of festivals and official holidays and held many types of entertainment. Also, celebrating Sham El Nessim is a holiday of the ancient Egyptians.



Lived an enjoyable daily life, devoid of any emptiness, They used all their time to do important and useful work to achieve happiness, They advanced in all aspects of life and took care of their personal health and medical aspects, You can learn more about the lives of the ancient Egyptians through your trip to Egypt and enjoy our packages Distinctive and wonderful tourism.



Frequently Asked Questions
What was the daily life like in ancient Egypt rich people?
Rich Egyptians lived in large, comfortable houses with many rooms. Walls were painted and the floors had colored tiles.
Did ancient Egyptians have a good life?
The ancient Egyptians loved life as were blessed with a very rich land and beautiful climate. They considered their life to be perfect, to the point that they believed that their afterlife was the eternal continuation of life on earth.
How do we know what life was like in ancient Egypt?
After Tutankhamen's tomb was discovered in 1922, work began excavating (digging up) an entire village at Deir-el Medina, near the Valley of the Kings. This gave us the most detailed information we have of life in an Ancient Egypt from 1500 BC.
Was ancient Egypt fun?
Ancient Egyptians also like to have fun! They swam and canoed in the Nile, played board games, and they enjoyed making music and dancing.
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