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Why travel to spend in Egypt Vacations?

Although it is traditionally associated with cultural tourism, the truth is that Egypt has a huge variety of offers capable of satisfying the tastes of all types of tourists. Egypt has magnificent beaches with suitable spaces for the lovers of the aquatic sports, as well as hotels in which you will be able to disconnect your daily routine.
Egypt is a melting pot of African, Islamic, and Mediterranean traditions. And, of course, if you’re looking to enjoy ancient monuments, museums, and spectacular archaeological sites, no other country has the cultural offerings that Egypt displays to its visitors.

Egypt is one of the preferred destinations for tourists from all over the world. The country of the Nile offers a great variety of possibilities, from visits to archaeological sites to rich gastronomy, passing by markets, landscapes…

Places to visit in Egypt

The list of places to visit in Egypt is endless, especially because of the large number of temples that were built on the banks of the Nile in the time of the pharaohs. Among the most outstanding are the Temple of Karnak, with huge columns full of hieroglyphics, the Temple of Hatshepsut dedicated to the only woman pharaoh, and Abu Simbel, with two temples in honor of the great pharaoh Ramses II and his favorite wife, Nefertari.

A good option is to book this tour to Abu Simbel when you plan Egypt vacations, with an English speaking guide.

Besides visiting all these impressive temples, during a cruise on the Nile River, you can see other interesting ones like the Temple of Horus, the Temple of Kom Ombo, the Temple of Philae, and the Temple of Luxor.
On the west bank of the Nile, you can also find the Valley of the Kings, which was the cemetery of the great pharaohs, wherein 1922 Howard Carter discovered the famous tomb of Tutankhamen. Near the Valley of the Kings are the Colossi of Memnon, two giant stone statues representing the pharaoh Amenhotep III.

Although no temple or monument can cast a shadow on the only one of the seven Wonders of the Ancient World still preserved today, the Pyramids of Egypt. Located less than 20 kilometers from Cairo, the 3 great pyramids with the tombs of the pharaohs Cheops, Khafra and Menkaure, will always be the great dream of any traveler where you can also see the Great Sphinx, over 20 meters high, and another reason to spend in Egypt vacations.

You can visit the best a place such as the Step Pyramid in Saqqara, the first one built in Egypt and Memphis, the ancient capital of Egypt.

Cairo, we recommend you get in the endless Khan Al-Khalili market, visit the Egyptian Museum, climb to the Citadel of Saladin and enter the Mosque of Ibn Tulun, among many other things. A good option to not miss anything of the city and to know its interesting history is to book this visit through the best of Egypt vacations.

Travel tips in Egypt

Knowing the points to avoid or always having the documentation on hand are not the only issues to take into account when traveling to spend Egypt vacations. As far as safety is concerned, here is a bonus track of advice that will help you enjoy your vacation by minimizing the risks in a country full of charms:

The best time to travel to Egypt: Although depending on the area there can be significant variations in temperature, it is best to avoid the stifling heat of the summer months. Spring or autumn is the most appropriate season to visit the country.

Clothing: The Arab culture pays special attention to this chapter so that it is best to go unnoticed. Covering shoulders, ankles, and hair without marking curves will avoid uncomfortable situations.

Your documents always with you: It is not that it is a requirement to enter the country, but that you should always carry your documents with you because of what might happen.

Respect the rules: Apart from the issue of clothing, keep in mind that Egypt is a country with a different culture and rules. Hire official guides, avoid public displays of affection, do not drink in places that are not permitted, and, when in doubt, ask permission before taking photos in public spaces or official bodies.

Caution yes, but not fear: if you are determined to travel to Egypt this fascinating country, do not be afraid. Enjoy its culture, corners, and charms. You will fall in love with its attractions and you will do it with peace of mind if you follow these recommendations.

Hiring your trip to Egypt with Cleopatra Egypt Tours you will be able to enjoy all these possibilities of the hand of the best professionals of the sector. Egypt is definitely a perfect destination to enjoy a unique holiday where relaxation, culture, gastronomy, and adventure come together to offer you an experience you will never forget.

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