Egyptian Museum

Egyptian Museum

Egyptian Museum in Cairo | Cairo Egyptian Museum | Egyptian Museum of Cairo

Egyptian Museum of antiquities

Finally, we go to see the famous Egyptian Museum in Cairo, obviously the most important Egyptian collection museum in the world!
There is only one place, besides the pyramids, where it is possible to dive into the depths of Egyptian civilization, that is undoubtedly the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, one of the guardians of the treasures of civilization as famous as it is unknown for all the secrets impossible to unveil even for today’s technology.
Founded in 1863 by Auguste Mariette nothing compares to the Cairo Museum, Thus, the Egyptian Museum in Cairo is an archaeological temple of colossal dimensions that preserves more than 200,000 objects in its more than one hundred rooms. All belonging to ancient Egypt. Jewels of gold and precious stones. Tutankhamen’s socks. Mummies. These are just some of the wonders you will find in one of the most visited and famous museums in the world.
With consecutive enlargements and recoveries of its pieces recently plundered by different countries, the Egyptian Museum is a mandatory stop in the unusual environment of the city of Cairo.

Do you want to know a little more about this impressive archaeological temple? Today in Vacations in Egypt we take you on a cultural trip through the curiosities and data of one of our favorite museums… Are you coming?

Egyptian Museum Facts

Egyptian Museum of Cairo, besides being an impressive visit in itself, is located in the vibrant and chaotic city of Cairo, where modern cars coexist with the history of the great archaeological discoveries and buildings of the 19th century. All of this is spiced up by the chants that come out of the minarets calling the faithful to prayer.
In short, Cairo is chaos, spectacle and history. And a place that leaves no difference: either you hate it or you love it so that you never stop coming back.

Inside the Egyptian museum

Located in a neoclassical building of colossal dimensions, the museum’s collections include statues, paintings and funerary elements among other objects: all to understand and learn about the customs and development of Egyptian civilization.
Although it is true that the outstanding rooms of Tutankhamen and the room of the mummies of important pharaohs, whose presence is breathtaking, stand out.
On the ground floor, there is also a collection of Egyptian and other parts of the world papyri, as well as Egyptian, Greek or Roman coins
On the other hand, the Old, Middle, and New Empires are presented through the specific collections of each period in the adjoining room.

On the upper floor is undoubtedly the crown jewel of the museum, where the objects from Tutankhamun’s tomb are on display: among them his enigmatic golden mask.

When it comes to making a choice and filtering things to look at, many choose Tutankhamun’s treasure: the golden mask and sarcophagi from his funerary outfit, the most extraordinary pieces ever displayed in a museum.

Another major attraction is the Hall of the Gifted Mummies, which introduces you to some of the most famous pharaohs, such as Seti I and Ramesses ii mummy. Both the Mummy Room and Tutankhamun’s treasure are located on the first floor.

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