Family Vacation in Egypt with Children

Family Vacation in Egypt with Children

Family Vacation in Egypt with Children

Family vacation in Egypt with children in the middle of a land of wonders that makes every member of your family enjoy during his trip. In fact, you will visit many places such as the pyramids, which are considered one of the most famous places that attract tourism and tourists, Khan Al-Khalili, the Nile River.

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Also the temples on the banks of the Nile in each of the Luxor and Aswan, and through our company, we offer you a guarantee of attention to every detail of your family’s vacation. Your family members can discover a lot about ancient Egyptian civilization, feel a return to the past, enjoy the beaches, and feel comfortable. When planning your trip to Egypt, you must determine the goal of the trip if you are from You love history, civilization, and discovering a lot about history, or you prefer Nile cruises and enjoying the Nile River, or you actually love diving, swimming, and relaxing on the beaches.

How to Plan A Family Vacation in Egypt with Children

Clearly that every moment you spend in Egypt with your family is one of the most wonderful moments of your life among the mountains and tranquility, and In truth you must think about these points during your trip:

  • Choose the appropriate place for you and your family in Egypt.
  • You must participate in activities in Egypt for you and your child.
  • You can Choose the appropriate time to visit Egypt.
  • Adhere to the advice and follow the instructions of your advisor.

Top Ancient Places in Egypt for Families

Discover the best historical and archaeological places in Egypt during your trip with your family, you must visit the countless pyramids and temples. Below are the best places to enjoy among your family members and children:

Top Ancient Places in Egypt for Families

  • The Great Pyramids of Giza

One of the wonders of the ancient world, it was built as tombs for the Pharaohs. You must visit it during your vacation. You will be amazed and amazed at its shape and how these huge pyramids were built. You can enjoy discovering the rooms inside the pyramid and learning about the tools of the Pharaohs, their daily lives, and many secrets about them.

  • The Sphinx

This is One of the oldest statues in history. It is a symbol of ancient Egyptian civilization. It is located next to the pyramids. It is carved from limestone with a lion prostrating and a human head symbolizing strength. Enjoy watching the Sphinx and take the most wonderful pictures and unforgettable memories with your family and children.

  • Luxor Temple

The banks of the Nile River in the city of Luxor, it was dedicated to the god Amun. You can enjoy a tour inside the temple, learn about civilization, and enjoy viewing the statues and columns. It is certainly an educational tour for children.

  • Karnak Temple Complex

The largest religious temples, it includes a series of towers and obelisks dedicated to various gods and pharaohs. Through this tour, you can explore the sacred areas of this ancient sanctuary and huge statues of Ramesses II.

  • Valley of the Kings

It  royal cemetery is located on the west bank of the Nile River. It is home to the tombs of the pharaohs and nobles, such as the tomb of Tutankhamun. Learn about burial rituals. In fact, this visit is useful for your child to get glimpses of the life of the ancient Egyptians.

  • Abu Simbel Temples

Another highlight of any family trip to Egypt These temples are famous for their huge statues and intricate carvings. Families can marvel at the impressive facade decorated with huge statues of the pharaoh Explore the interior rooms decorated with hieroglyphics.

  • Philae Temple

Dedicated to the goddess Isis and dates back to the Ptolemaic period It features stunning columns, sanctuaries and towers decorated with exquisite carvings depicting scenes from mythology.

  • National Museum of Egyptian Civilization: NMEC

National Museum of Egyptian Civilization is located in the heart of the historic city of Fustat in Old Cairo Displaying all historical stages in Egypt through paintings and artifacts. You can enjoy viewing the Royal Hall, which contains 22 royal mummies; And 17 royal coffins coming from the Egyptian Museum The mummies of the same family are grouped together as well as the mummy of Pepi I from the Saqqara antiquities area.

Best Egyptian Cities For Family Vacations in Egypt

There are many cities in Egypt that are worth a visit for you and your family and children. Some of them are on the coast of the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, some are on the banks of the Nile, and some are located in the heart of the desert, where there are sand and mountains.

Best Egyptian Cities For Family Vacations in Egypt

  • Alexandria

Visiting the city of Alexandria is a must if you are a fan of the Mediterranean and know a lot about history. It was founded by Alexander the Great. During your trip in Alexandria, you can enjoy visiting the Library of Alexandria. In addition, visiting the tombs of Kom el-Shoqafa and the ancient Greek and Roman monuments. Visiting the city of Alexandria is fun and wonderful because it Bride of the Mediterranean.

  • Siwa Oasis

Next to the Western Desert, where there is tranquility, beauty and palm trees, you can enjoy a safari trip with your children and relax in the therapeutic water baths.

  • Red Sea Riviera

Where the sun, the sea, the sand, and enjoying the clear water and watching the coral reefs are fun. In fact, you and your family can take a boat trip and enjoy with dolphins, and if you prefer calm, you can relax on the beach under the warm Egyptian sun.

  • Luxor And Aswan

You are in the city of Luxor, you will enjoy seeing the temples and more than wonderful air balloons, and you can ride traditional horse-drawn carriages. Also, the city of Aswan is distinguished and unique in its picturesque views and heritage, and the felucca in the Nile River at sunset is one of the best moments.

Things to Do in Egypt with Kids

  • Horse and camel riding.
  • An enjoyable trip in the middle of the Nile River.
  • Dinner in one of the restaurants overlooking the Nile.
  • Enjoying the sound and light show in the pyramids area.
  • A wonderful river trip on the banks of Luxor and Aswan Then see the monuments and temples.

Best Time to go to Egypt for families

In fact, the weather in Egypt throughout the year is suitable for you to plan an enjoyable trip, but if you are someone who loves calm and relaxation, you can plan this trip during the month of October until the month of April Only, where the climate is moderate and away from the summer season and crowds, and you can enjoy all the activities that you want to do. With your children, this is also a suitable time for sea trips, desert safaris, and certainly diving in the Red Sea, where the waters are warm, In addition, during this period of the year, you can avoid crowding and high temperatures, ensuring safety and security for your children while on their trip, and making them enjoy every enjoyable moment in Egypt.


Egypt is distinguished by the fact that it provides all the needs you need during your trip, such as adventure, relaxation, and enjoying the Nile River and its Nile cruises. You will certainly live an unforgettable experience. Start planning for family vacation in egypt with children and enjoy with your children amidst all the splendor and tranquility Egypt has to offer. Now contact us for The best trip for you and your family members.









Frequently Asked Questions
Is Egypt a good place to travel with kids?
yes! Egypt is very safe.
Can you travel to Egypt with kids?
Egypt's Red Sea coast is particularly well set up for a family beach vacation, with excellent facilities for learning new skills such as snorkeling, diving and windsurfing, while older kids can learn that the desert is not deserted through trips with the Bedouin.
Is Egypt a good family holiday?
whether you're looking for an educational trip spent admiring ancient treasures or a relaxing break on child-friendly beaches blessed by year-round sun.
Why travel with family is the best way to spend time?
Make a new memory with your family in any wonder places in Egypt, such as the Giza pyramids, the Valley of the Kings, Edfu temple, and more.
Is Egypt a good place for a family holiday?
For sure, Egypt is the best choice for a family vacation because it contains a lot of destinations that suit both young and old people.
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