Fun Things To Do In Egypt

Fun Things To Do In Egypt

The Best 12 Fun Things To Do In Egypt 

First We can’t start this post by telling you that there is so much to see and do in Cairo, because you already know the best Fun Things To Do In Egypt. What we can tell you is that, from that endless list of plans, we have selected 25 that are the perfect potpourri of experiences to live the essence of Cairo in a single trip.

Also in this list, you will find the Fun Things To Do In Egypt, among other things, tips on how to make the most of the must-sees, recommendations on the best places to try the local cuisine, and curiosities that will add a touch of magic to your itinerary. Ready to discover them? Let’s go for it!

1-Explore Al Moez Street

fun things to do in egypt

Briefly is one of the best Fun Things To Do In Egypt, Al Moez is one of the most impressive places to get a glimpse of what the capital of Islamic Cairo was like. The 1-kilometer-long street is currently intended only for pedestrians who wish to explore the architectural beauties of the ancient city.

Al Moez encompasses the largest concentration of medieval architectural treasures in the Islamic world. The street begins north of Bab El Fotouh, intersects with Al Azhar Street, continues through the El Ghouri Complex and ends at Bab Zuweila, at the Tent Makers’ Market.

The first thing to do in Egypt is stroll around Al Moez, where you can visit historic mosques, the El Ghouri Complex, the Qalawun Complex, Beshtak Palace, Beit el Seheimy, and Sabil-Kuttab of Katkhuda.

2-Sailing the River Nile

fun things to do in egypt

Make no mistake: you won’t be on board for long on a four-day Nile River cruise, most of which you’ll spend sleeping, but in the few hours you’ll be sailing during the day, my God, what a wonderful feeling to be on the mighty Nile, watching the green banks full of date palms, villages, plantations, the sights of mosques in the cities—one of those unforgettable and rewarding things.

3-Pyramids of Giza, a wonder of the world to see in Egypt

The Giza pyramids  are the most important monument to see in Egypt. These colossal constructions are the only one of the 7 Wonders of the ancient world still standing. These funerary monuments were built about 4500 years ago, by order of the pharaohs, with the aim of lasting forever.

also, they buried the mummified bodies of the pharaohs, along with some food and their most precious treasures.

The 3 Pyramids of Giza are: Cheops , Chephren and Menkaura

The pyramid of Cheops or Great Pyramid is 145 meters high, has a base of 230 meters and is formed by 2,600,000 blocks of stone. The pyramid of Chephren measures 143, 50 meters and the smallest, that of Menkaura, measures 66 meters.

4-Philae Temple

Philae is the most beautiful temple to see in Aswan, whose visit is included in the itinerary of all Nile cruises. It is located on a small island that can only be accessed by boat.

It is a monumental complex whose main temple is dedicated to Isis: the female goddess of love, magic and motherhood. It is one of the most beautiful and best preserved in Egypt.

Although it was built on the island of Philae, it is currently located on the island of Agilkia as it had to be moved to avoid flooding.

5- The Siwa Oasis

Egypt has a vast expanse of desert and within it there are some beautiful oases that are worth a visit. And here I highlight the Siwa Oasis as “another thing to do in Egypt”, even though it’s a long way from Cairo, it’s a place you need to visit. Filled with crystal-clear salt lakes, desert sports activities and a rich Bedouin culture, Siwa is a paradise in the middle of the dunes.

Siwa is a healing vacation because its hot springs help treat skin, respiratory, and other medical problems. For example, the saltwater pools offer various health benefits in the Siwa Oasis.

6- The Hot Air Balloon Ride

Imagine being able to travel through a long period of history. It’s happening in Luxor, the city! Taking a hot air balloon ride over Luxor’s main sights, which include the desert and its ancient Egyptian buildings on one side and the city itself on the other, is among the city’s most memorable Egyptian activities. The Nile Valley, on the other hand, is stunning with its olive trees and the rising sun.

7-Visit Bab Zuwayla

one of the ancient city gates. As you walk through it, imagine how the city would have looked more than a thousand years ago, when the gate was built.

8-Discover the Temple of Hatshepsut in Luxor

Briefly the most impressive monuments of Ancient Egypt. The terraces carved into the mountain itself and decorated with giant sculptures are an image that makes your hair stand on end. Here is an excursion that takes you by plane to Luxor to simplify the getaway to the maximum.

9- Watch a tannoura show at the Wicala of al-Ghouri

Do you know what it is? It is a Sufi dance of Turkish origin that came to Egypt with the occupation of the Ottoman Empire. The music is sensational and the colorful costumes are wonderful. Folklore at its best.

10-Try the Koshary
Visiting Egypt and not tasting the local cuisine is practically a sin. I like to say that one of the best ways to experience a country’s culture is through its gastronomy, so there’s nothing fairer than trying the most famous dish in the land of the Pharaohs: Koshari and we consider that this  food is Fun Things To Do In Egypt

What to do in Egypt! Koshary is a common food that is readily available and, of course, affordable. A Koshary dish is rich in carbohydrates and will give you energy throughout the day. When visiting Egypt, Koshary is like an incredible adventure that you could go on.

11-Visit Alexandria.

In the north of Egypt, bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, about 220 km from Cairo, is located the city of Alexandria which was founded by Alexander the Great after the conquest of the country.

Visit the citadel of Qaitbay where the ancient lighthouse of Alexandria was located, discover the new library, explore the catacombs of Shoqafa, contemplate the pillar of Pompey or enter the mosque Abu Al Abbas al Mursi are some of the best things you can do there.

11-Mount Sinai – Hike to the summit

Mount Sinai is famous for being the place where Moses received the Ten Commandments from God. The hike is relatively easy and offers beautiful views of the South Sinai mountain range. also, rugged hills stretching to the horizon make this hike a great experience. You should reach the summit at sunrise or sunset to enjoy the views.

12  Fun Things To Do In Egypt is Abu Simbel Temples: one day tour

Later You can’t go home without first seeing the famous Abu Simbel temples to complete the list of Fun Things To Do In Egypt .  the most beautiful ancient structures in the world. The two magnificent temples of Abu Simbel were built during the 13th century BC and were dedicated to Ramses II and his queen, Nefertari. They were later relocated to higher ground to save them from frequent flood damage in the 1960s.

Plan your trip to Egypt vacations in Egypt and enjoy the ultimate vacation experience!

Frequently Asked Questions
What to do differently in Egypt?
enjoy the bustling streets of Cairo. ... The Pyramids of Giza. ... Take a cruise along the Nile... Explore the Luxor Temple. ... Tour the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens. ... Enter the Temple of Hatshepsut. ... Snorkeling in the Red Sea.
What activities do you do in Egypt?
Ras Mohammed National Park. Karnak Temple. Museum of Egyptian Antiquities. Pyramids of Giza. King's Valley. . Abu Simbel. Great Pyramid of Giza. Luxor Temple.
What should not be missed in Egypt?
Saqqara, the stepped pyramid. ... Alexandria, the most mythical of cities. ... A cruise on the Nile... Luxor, the temple of Amun. ... The incredible Karnak Temple. ... The extensive Valley of the Kings.
What to buy cheap in Egypt?
The best you can buy in Egypt Papyri. These scrolls are obtained from the papyrus plant, and authentic ones are expensive Beetles. Gold or silver cartridges. Perfumes (essences) Spices. Basalt and alabaster objects Clothing.
What is worth seeing in Egypt?
Many of the most memorable things to do in Egypt explore its ancient wonders, whether it's crossing the Nile, riding a camel around the Giza Pyramids in Cairo, or flying over Luxor's Valley of the Kings in a hot air balloon.
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