Khan El Khalili Bazaar

Khan El Khalili Bazaar

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Khan el Khalili Egypt

Khan el Khalili shopping with the smell of spices And if we want to spend a day of shopping in our visit to Cairo, walking the streets and put, nothing better than visiting khan el Khalili bazaar, the most famous bazaar in Egypt and one of the best known in the world. We will find it in the intersection of the street of the same name with one of the main arteries of the area: al-Mu’iz Li-Din Allah Street.

The hustle and bustle, the color and the aromas are the protagonists of this visit. We will find countless stalls with lamps and all kinds of decorative objects, tablecloths, cushions, slippers, scarves and beautiful carpets. There are many Arab dresses that usually fall into the hands of tourists while the residents of the city pay more attention to the cotton clothes that are sold there.

What can I buy from Khan El Khalili?

There is no lack of reproductions of objects from ancient Egypt sold, from figures of gods or kings to beetles made of stone, pottery or alabaster. Another typical purchase here is the narghiles, their characteristic water pipes that are sold along with the tobacco and charcoal you will need to use them. And there is also no lack of species, which are what fill the area with smells.

The bazaar is always very busy, both day and night, except on Friday morning when the shops close and offer an image of unusual tranquility.

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