Montaza Palace

Montaza Palace

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Montazah palace history

Almost a century and a half ago this wonderful natural site was the place chosen by the Khedive (Ottoman governor of Egypt) Abbas Helmi II as a summer residence and recreation, and thus culminated his project to build a hunting lodge that finally led to this magnificent palace, whose gardens are now among the most visited in Alexandria for its beauty. Nowadays it is fitted out as a luxury hotel and, apart from the beaches, which are still not very popular with tourists, you can enjoy all the comforts and services.

The extensive gardens first saw the emergence of the Salamlek Palace but due to the demands of the passing magnates, the Montanza Palace was built in 1892 in a Turkish-Florentine style by Khedive Abbas II. It was used as a hunting lodge and residence for his companions, it was also used as a hospital by the Red Cross during the First World War and housed the family of Mohamed Ali until 1952.

The Montazah Palace (El Montazah Palace), built at the beginning of the 20th century, is located in a large park and overlooks a beautiful stretch of coast. It combines Turkish and Florentine architecture.

After the fall of the monarchy, the Palace is no longer an exclusive place and, with a ticket, can access. The palace itself cannot be visited, but you can relax in the park and the semiprivate beach.

Inside the walls emerge the ancient apartments of the khedive and the extensive and well-kept park, full of palm trees, pines, and even flowerbeds is a charming place for quiet walks or picnics.

To the east, there is also a beautiful sandy bay with the private beach of Mamoura, with a bridge connecting it to a small island, where the regulations are less strict than public beaches with regard to clothing and where the sand is cleaner.

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