New Alamein City

New Alamein City

New Alamein City

New Alamein City is located on the northern coast of Egypt, and is sure to be the first of its kind in the region. It was built according to a set of standards, so it is called the fourth generation city, and there is no doubt that it accommodates millions of residents, which represents a new milestone for the North Coast region. It is truly an open tourist city on the northern coast and receives visitors to enjoy the beauty, tranquility and splendor of the city.


It is characterized by its high towers located in the middle of nature, green places, and golden-colored sand. In addition to that, the wonderful color of the sea is wonderful, as it extends along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. There are many hotels overlooking the sea. There is no doubt that during your trip you will feel the attraction of nature.

New Alamein City

Things To Do In New Alamein City

  • You can delve deeper into history by seeing cemeteries in the form of castles containing the bodies of World War II heroes, including the British, Italians, and Germans, as they are the cemeteries of World War II in El Alamein.
  • You can also see historical maps, weapons, and soldiers’ tools used in war. You will feel war stories everywhere around you.
  • See pictures of leaders such as English Commander Bernard Montgomery and German Commander Erwin Rommel.
  • Enjoy the wonderful Greek decor in a cemetery that contains numerous artifacts (a rock staircase at the bottom) from the first century and many pottery vessels and coins.

El Alamein attractions

Although the city of El Alamein is a new city and does not have many tourist attractions, it is characterized by wonderful beaches that you can enjoy and you can also visit:

  • Al Alamein War Museum

One of the most important tourist attractions that you can enjoy visiting during your tour to learn about Egyptian history. It commemorates the great achievement that Egypt achieved in World War II, as it offers a collection of weapons, armor and maps.

  • North Square mall New Alamein

It is an entertainment place that characterizes the city of El Alamein and a commercial center that includes hotels, restaurants, and activities for children, and it has more than that, sections and activities that you can discover during your tour in Egypt and visiting El Alamein, as the area of the commercial center is 164 thousand square meters.

  • Al Alamein day from Cairo and Alexandria

There is no doubt that most tourists prefer to visit more than one place and get to know different places, and it is fun to spend a wonderful day in El Alamein from Cairo or Alexandria. Therefore, you can customize a tour in Egypt by visiting Cairo’s landmarks, including museums, pyramids, and mosques, and visiting Alexandria with all its tourist attractions and enjoying. With the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea and also visiting New Alamein, it deserves to be one of the priorities in planning your tour inside Egypt.

The Accommodations

Indeed, it is a comfortable place amidst the natural atmosphere, and you can stay there in towers that exceed the height of the Dubai towers, and there are many hotels and resorts characterized by calm and comfort, Enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, enjoy the sky breezes, the sound of the sea, the recreational walkway in the city of El Alamein, and the artificial lake, which makes this walkway an attractive atmosphere, enjoy cycling, relax on the beaches, beach sports, and enjoy the soft sand, in addition to water activities such as riding a jet ski. Penny boats, speedboats, and flyboards.

Facts About New Alamein City

  • The New El-Alamein City is an integrated city at the heart of the North West Coast.
  • Includes all residential activities, cultural, tourist, industrial and research areas, a private university.
  • The borders of El-Alamein City begin from Wadi El-Natroun to El-Dabaa.
  • located within the administrative borders of Marsa Matruh governorate with a length of 48 km from the international road (Alexandria – Matruh).
  • The city is divided into a tourism, historical and residential segments.
  • The city has an international promenade along the beach.
  • Is unique in that it contains the latest technological and urban projects that are unparalleled in the Middle East.

New Alamein and World War II

It makes you go back in time to remember and explore the events of World War II, because of its effects that tell the entire story of El Alamein. More than 80,000 soldiers were killed or wounded in World War II on all sides and it stands on the site where the actual battle took place. Touring Tal Al-Issa, the Military Museum, and the Military Cemetery, which is called the Commonwealth Cemetery, as it contains the graves of dead soldiers from different countries, and also contains many original war uniforms, vehicles, and weapons.


It was famous for the Allied victory over the Axis forces in World War II, and it was also famous for its moderate climate and warm sun. The story of World War II with a vivid example of cemeteries and memorials One of the most famous and beautiful sites that should not be missed in Egypt.

Plan your trip to Egypt through our trips and enjoy spending the best vacation with your family and enjoying the city of El Alamein with all its places that make you feel attractive and feel calm and comfortable.







Frequently Asked Questions
What does El Alamein mean?
El Alamein (or Al Alamayn) is a city in northern Egypt on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, located 106 km west of Alexandria.
In which country is El Alamein?
El-Alamein, coastal town in northwestern Egypt, about 60 miles (100 km) west of Alexandria, that was the site of two major battles between British and Axis forces in 1942 during World War II.
Is it worth visiting El Alamein?
Travellers can pay their respects to the dead at the cemetery and those who have an interest in military history should find the museum worth a visit.
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