The Best Things to do in Alexandria

The Best Things to do in Alexandria

Egypt has many cities worth visiting that illustrate Egyptian history, vibrant cities, and there is no doubt that the city of Alexandria is one of these cities. It is a wonderful and unique mixture of ancient history and modern charm. Alexandria, also known as the “Pearl of the Mediterranean” and the Bride of the Mediterranean, is characterized by a more than wonderful location and climate, which makes it a tourist city. Here we will learn about the best things that you can do if you are a fan of Alexandria and want to spend your vacation there.

Qaitbay Castle is an important tourist attraction and must be visited if you are in Alexandria. This castle is located on the Alexandria Corniche, and it is a wonderful and excellent example of Islamic military engineering. It was established by Sultan Al-Ashraf Al-Din Qaitbay in 1477 AD. There is no doubt that it has stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea, in addition to enjoying the Maritime Museum and the artifacts it displays of the city’s history. It is a window into Alexandria’s military and maritime past.

Citadel of Qaitbay

  • Long Pompey’s Pillar

The Column of Pompey is certainly one of the most important landmarks of Alexandria, as its height reaches 26.85 meters. Thus, it is considered the tallest ancient monument in Alexandria. It is built of pure red granite. It is a testimony to the city’s Roman period. The column was built in honor of the Roman Emperor Diocletian, and has nothing to do with General Pompey, despite his name. The column is located inside the Serapeum Temple, and the site also includes the remains of two Sphinxes.

  • Bibliotheca Alexandrina

The modern Library of Alexandria was created with the help of UNESCO in memory of the ancient Library of Alexandria and was designed with elements reminiscent of the original ancient library. It contains a collection of rare books in addition to art galleries and exhibitions. In addition to a wide range of digital resources, including the Manuscript Museum, which displays a collection of manuscripts When you enter the library, you will be amazed by its architectural grandeur With all that, it becomes one of the must-visit attractions in Alexandria.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina



  • El-Mursi Abul Abbas Mosque

Al-Morsi Abu Al-Abbas Mosque, located in the Anfushi neighborhood, is of cultural and spiritual importance in Alexandria, and overlooks the sea. This mosque offers an enjoyable experience that will make you enjoy and admire it. There is no doubt that the mosque is distinguished by many architectural styles that combine Islamic influences The mosque is decorated with Islamic art motifs. It was built in honor of the 13th century Morsi, Abu Abbas Al-Morsi. It is one of the landmarks worth visiting, as it is characterized by a calm atmosphere and creates an appropriate atmosphere of spirituality.

  • Montazah Palace Gardens

Montazah Palace Gardens There, you can enjoy nature and stunning views because they are beautifully designed gardens with an area of 150 acres. It was built by Khedive Abbas II. It contains the Ottoman and Florentine architectural styles extending all the way to a small island of towers. The park is characterized by a refreshing and calm atmosphere with recreational facilities and many cafes and restaurants In addition to the beauty of the sea, nature, charming historical buildings, and a wonderful view of the Mediterranean Sea. If you are a lover of nature and tranquility, you should visit the park and enjoy the views of the green gardens, palm trees, and gazania, as well as many gazebos, bridges, and walkways.





Frequently Asked Questions
How many days to visit Alexandria?
We recommend visiting Alexandria in one day, before making the rest of the visits to Egypt.
What city is Alexandria today?
It was the capital of Egypt founded by Alexander the Great, Alexandria is the main port of Egypt and one of the most important in the Mediterranean.
What remains of the Lighthouse of Alexandria?
Currently there is only the base, which was converted into a military site known as Fort Qaitbay.
What does the word Alexandria mean?
Alexandria was the name of several cities that received this name because they were founded by Alexander the Great or in honor of him.
Who founded the city of Alexandria?
Founded by Alexander the Great in 331 BC.
Why was the Library of Alexandria burned?
The main suspect in the destruction of the Library of Alexandria is Julius Caesar. It is said that during Caesar's occupation of Alexandria in 48 BC.
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