The New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt (1570–1070 B.C.E)

The New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt (1570–1070 B.C.E)

The New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt (1570–1070 B.C.E)

The New Kingdom Of Ancient Egypt dynasty arose that ruled Egypt and divided the Nile Valley for several centuries until Ahmose I came and was able to form the Eighteenth Dynasty and ruled all of Egypt with the beginning of the New Kingdom.

Rise of The New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt

The rulers in Egypt built temples during the most glorious periods of power and wealth in the era of the New Kingdom The Eighteenth Dynasty was expanding for fear of invasions on Egypt.

Kings Of  The New Kingdom

The New Kingdom Of Ancient Egypt Was undoubtedly the most popular time period in the history of ancient Egypt. It had more than one king and they had many achievements, and among these kings Ahmose I, Thutmose III, Hatshepsut, Akhenaten, and Tutankhamun Ahmose I founded the Eighteenth Dynasty Ahmose then continued his campaign in the Hyksos homeland in the Levant. To stop the invasions on Egypt The pharaohs of the New Kingdom created geographical barriers Accordingly, a very large empire emerged, characterized by commercial development, economic prosperity, and a focus on construction and the arts Many battles took place in this era in hopes of expanding their empire.

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Builders And Pharaohs Of  The New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt

They were the Pharaohs in The New Kingdom Of Ancient Egypt. Their period of rule was characterized by construction, the most famous of whom was Ramesses II, and they built the pyramids that indicate the greatness of this modern kingdom. They also built archaeological sites in Thebes.

Facts about The New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt

  • The greatest glory of the new kingdom in Egypt was at the hands of Ahmose I, as he liberated his country from the Hyksos and unified his country into one complete empire.
  • He restored Egypt’s lands and reorganized the administration, making Egypt a unified and strong country Building huge projects.
  • Mentep I came after him and also made Egypt part of the great powers by developing trade and diplomatic relations, and then Tuthmosis I. Egyptian power and wealth were at their peak.
  • Then Queen Hatshepsut was one of the most successful pharaohs in the history of ancient Egypt, as she ruled for the longest period in Egypt and also developed trade through her trips to the Land of Punt.
  • Thutmose III expanded the Egyptian Empire to the highest levels of power and wealth, making the push for this empire a reality.

Economy in Egypt New Kingdom

In addition to the military campaigns, there was expansion at the economic level as well. They were interested in mining operations, and there were many gold mines in Nubia. Amun was chosen to protect the mining of gold, copper, and turquoise from Sinai, and Hathor was chosen. Metals were used in the construction and repair of public buildings. Trade with Asia in the eastern Mediterranean also flourished Egyptian artifacts from the Eighteenth Dynasty have been found in East Africa, which indicate Egyptian trading voyages.

The New Kingdom Egypt Art and Achievements

Amenhotep IV, who changed his name to Akhenaten, was the first to unify worship, and during his reign Egyptian art, such as literature and music, flourished. His son Tutankhamun came, then Ramesses II, who regained the lands of Egypt, and one of his most famous battles was the Battle of Kadesh.

Religion in the Egypt New Kingdom

Amun is the main god of Thebes. The god Amun is embodied in the Pharaoh to give birth to an heir who thus obtains the right to rule Ahmose I began spreading the worship of Osiris, and founded the necropolis of the Valley of the Kings.

The Final Days of the New Kingdom Egypt

The glory days of the New Kingdom in Egypt ended, after the high priests of Amun took control, which led to the weakness of power. The Egyptian Empire fell at the Battle of Belsuim and a new era of foreign rule began.


It is certain that these pharaohs built many temples and tombs that you can explore during your tours in Egypt, and discover the New Kingdom of ancient Egypt, including its wonders.


Frequently Asked Questions
What is the New Kingdom period of Egyptian history?
When Upper and Lower Egypt were unified, the country fell under Macedonian rule in 332 BC.
What best describes the New Kingdom?
The New Kingdom was characterized by a time of war. This kingdom was ruled by warrior pharaohs.
How did the New Kingdom end?
The New Kingdom ended when the priests of Amun grew strong.
Where is the New Kingdom of Egypt?
one of the greatest eras of Egyptian power and wealth. The capital was generally located at Thebes in Upper Egypt.
What was the culture in the New Kingdom of Egypt?
Egyptians in the New Kingdom were very religious and tended to worship multiple gods.
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