Top 10 Restaurants In Luxor

Top 10 Restaurants In Luxor

Top 10 Restaurants In Luxor

Top 10 Restaurants In Luxor There is no doubt that the city of Luxor is one of the best and most distinguished Egyptian cities that attract tourism, as thousands of tourists from all over the world visit the city throughout the year. It is certain that if you visit Luxor, you should try restaurants, Egyptian food, and different meals Here we will show you the best restaurants worth trying in Luxor.

  • Sofra Restaurant & Cafe

Enjoy eating delicious Egyptian meals with your friends and family and spending an unforgettable time at Sofra Restaurant and Café in downtown Luxor. This is what distinguishes the restaurant and is considered one of the most important restaurants in Luxor. It is one of the old restaurants, but it still maintains its quality. It is characterized by an atmosphere of colorful lamps and antique decorations. It serves various dishes of the most famous Egyptian dishes, such as tagines and stuffed goods, and serves desserts. Not only that, but the restaurant also offers a café that also serves fresh juices, and it is a place where you feel comfortable and calm.

  • Tutankhamun Restaurant

It is named after the Egyptian Pharaoh and is located on an island Through the decorations, it reflects the greatness of ancient Egypt It offers various Egyptian recipes and seafood, and is characterized by salads, the smell of warm bread, and beautiful views of the Nile River. If you visit the place and have your meal there, you will enjoy the tranquility and you can choose between sitting inside or outside the restaurant.

  • 1886 Restaurant

1886 Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Luxor From its name, it is clear to us that this restaurant certainly presents the atmosphere of the year 1886 1886 Restaurant is located in a prime location It is a beautiful place with delicious food and great prices Its impressive menu includes international dishes prepared with a creative touch Featured as the most common dish served in French restaurants, 1886.

  •  Al Sahaby Lane Restaurant

Harat Al Sahaby Restaurant is located in the streets of Luxor. It specializes in Egyptian street food. You can enjoy hot falafel and many other Egyptian dishes. There is no doubt that you can also enjoy sitting in the outdoor area and the atmosphere of the city. The restaurant is from 1930 and still serves the best food.

  •  Nile Oasis Restaurant

Interestingly, this restaurant offers a wonderful experience, as eating food from farm to table in a garden setting, and its dishes are distinguished by green salads and grilled vegetables. Amidst the green spaces and the feeling of picturesque nature, you can enjoy your meal and it is certainly an enjoyable experience.

  • Nile Valley Restaurant

It has a calm atmosphere The restaurant is located along the Nile River enjoying the sunset over the river. It includes delicious dishes and grilled meats In the restaurant you can enjoy breakfast, a poolside bar and a café Enjoy international cuisine.

  • Marsam Restaurant

This restaurant is certainly the best choice to experience the best dinner and spend a quiet and romantic time, as this restaurant is surrounded by many trees the restaurant is distinguished by serving traditional recipes such as fattah and drinks and is distinguished by its warm hospitality.

  • Sunrise Restaurant And Bar

One of the best restaurants in Luxor. Its menu includes oriental and international dishes. also serves light meals. This restaurant attracts tourists because it is certainly the best choice for eating your favorite meal.

  • Shark restaurant

You can enjoy many people’s favorite fish meals and delicious dishes. This restaurant is unique in providing the best fish dishes and seafood soup. It is characterized by a distinguished staff, good service, and a pleasant atmosphere inside the place.

  • Pizza Roma

One of the Top 10 Restaurants In Luxor where you can eat in Luxor They have the perfect atmosphere for any occasion It is one of the best hangout places in Luxor for Egyptians and tourists Pizza Roma will always be a contender. There are many restaurants in Luxor but not many of them can compare to Roma Pizza. So when you are looking for one of the best restaurants in Luxor, you should look for Pizza Roma.


Not this, but there is much more than that, as the city of Luxor is considered one of the best cities that you can enjoy in terms of tourist places, restaurants, and its people, who are famous for their generosity and hospitality. You must visit Luxor if you are in Egypt, as it is an enjoyable and unforgettable experience for the rest of your life.







Frequently Asked Questions
What are the most famous restaurants in Luxor?
Sofra, El Kababgy, Pizza Roma.It.
What is Luxor known as?
Luxor was known throughout its history as Thebes, the great capital of the Egyptian Empire
Is Luxor worth visiting?
Well, if you're interested in Egyptian history then absolutely.
Is Luxor better than Aswan?
Luxor, which was previously named 'Thebes', is bigger and has a higher population than Aswan.
which Egyptian city should you visit?
Luxor is the best city worth visiting.
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