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Top 10 things to do in Sharm el sheikh Egypt

Vacations in egypt > Blog > Top 10 things to do in Sharm el sheikh Egypt
Top 10 things to do in Sharm el sheikh Egypt
Vacations in egypt > Blog > Top 10 things to do in Sharm el sheikh Egypt

What to do in Sharm el sheikh

What to do in Sharm el-Sheikh Egypt

  1. Sinai mountain Egypt
  2. Saint Catherine’s monastery Sinai
  3. Naama bay Sharm el sheikh
  4. Soho square Sharm el sheikh
  5. Diving sharm el sheikh
  6. Ras Mohamed National Park
  7. Dahab Day Trips
  8. Coloured canyon Sharm el sheikh
  9. Coral reefs red sea
  10. Quad Biking Sharm El Sheikh
  11. Desert safari Sharm el sheikh
  12. Trip to Cairo from Sharm el sheikh
  13. Alexandria Sharm el sheikh

Things to do in Sharm el sheikh

Top ten things to do in sharm el sheikh

Sharm el-Sheikh is a popular seaside resort in Egypt. The name literally means “Bay of the Sheikh, a reference to the location of the town. Unlike some other seaside resorts on the Red Sea, Sharm el-Sheikh is an authentic place, to which the tourist strip Naarna Bay was added later. Because Sharm el-Sheikh is generally still pleasantly warm in the winter months, it is a popular winter sun destination. Sharm el-Sheikh is one of the better destinations for an all-inclusive vacation in Egypt. The hotel resorts are equipped to do everything within the hotel itself. You will not lack anything. In summer it is swelteringly hot in Sharm el-Sheikh with average maximum temperatures of around or even above forty degrees. The best travel time for Sharm el-Sheikh is therefore the winter season.

sharm el sheikh Egypt

Sharm el sheikh excursions trips

Sinai mountain Egypt

In many religions, this mountain on the Sinai Peninsula has been described as the place where Moses received his Ten Commandments. But it is not only for this reason that this place attracts many tourists every year. The view from this 2500 meter high mountain is phenomenal. The mountain can be climbed via two routes. These are the Siket El Bashait and the Siket Sayidna Musa. The first mentioned route takes about two and a half hours and is also the longest of the two. If you take the trip by camel, it will be a little shorter. At this mountain is also the monastery St. Catherine.

Sinai Mountain Egypt

Saint Catherine’s monastery Sinai

On the Sinai Peninsula at the foot of Mount Sinai is the Orthodox monastery of St. Catherine. The monastery and the houses belonging to it are located at an altitude of about 1586 meters. Various works of art including many Islamic mosaics, paintings and writings in various languages such as Hebrew, Slavic, and Greek etc. are in and around this monastery to admire. The library of the complex has so many special manuscripts and icons that it can only be surpassed by the Vatican.

Saint Catherine's monastery Sinai

Naama bay Sharm el sheikh

Between the Red Sea and the famous Sinai mountain lies the famous seaside resort Na’ama Bay. The area is known for its good hotels and cozy nightlife in the center. There are several clubs and restaurants which can be found throughout the resort. Along the promenade you will find many coffee houses and bars. From here several boat trips depart to the most beautiful places around this area.

Naama bay Sharm el sheikh

Soho square Sharm el sheikh

This is the place to be when it comes to entertainment for the whole family. This amusement park between the Savoie and the Sierra Hotels offers delicious restaurants, stores, bars, clubs, an ice rink and a bowling alley. Where you can take a visual journey through history. The beautiful fountain is spectacular in color at night.

Soho square sharm el sheikh

Diving sharm el sheikh

Egypt has much to offer when it comes to diving. Not for nothing is diving Sharm El Sheikh a very popular tourist place among divers. There are dozens of dive sites, some of which can be reached from the beach. The most beautiful location is at the Ras Mohammed National Park.

Diving sharm el sheikh

Ras Mohamed National Park

We have already talked about the Red Sea and one of the most beautiful places is undoubtedly the Ras Mohammed National Park. Located at the southernmost point of the Sinai you will find this park. It is also close to the famous resort of Sharm al Sheikh. Most of the park is located below sea level and you will find the most colorful fish and colorful coral. A total of about a thousand marine animals live here.

Ras Mohammed National Park

Dahab Day Trips

Dahab is a famous tourist attraction about two hours’ drive from the airport in Sharm el-sheik. Many know the way to the golden beaches on the Gulf of Aqaba. Also as an avid diver and snorkeler you sit here well. Look at the shallow coral gardens, napoleon fish, turtles and sharks. You look out your eyes! Do you want something else than a beach? Then this is also a good base to make beautiful desert trips.

Dahab in Egypt

Coloured canyon Sharm el sheikh

The beautiful mountains, valleys and spectacular rock formations make a trip to this Coloured Canyon a wonderful experience. You’ll find these colored mountains near the small village of Nuweiba, which is the oldest Bedouin village of the Sinai. It is located north of Sharm El Sheikh on the Gulf of Aqaba. This trip will certainly make a big impression.

Coloured canyon sharm el sheikh

Coral reefs red sea

The excursions start in different directions of the Red Sea. One of them is Nabq Nature Reserve, which stretches north from Dahab for 90 kilometers and covers 600 square meters. The excursions to the nature reserve starting in Sharm el-sheik usually include a boat trip, followed by an exploration of the mangrove forests and snorkeling or diving excursions. An exciting highlight is the wreck of the MS Maria Schröder of a Hamburg-based shipping company, but the dry coastal landscape is no less impressive.

The coral reefs around Tiran Island, an uninhabited island belonging to Saudi Arabia, are also a popular destination for snorkeling excursions. Crystal clear, turquoise waters and colorful reefs enchant snorkelers and divers alike here, which is why a trip here should be on your list for Sharm el Sheikh Excursions.

Last but not least, in the very north of the Gulf of Aqaba you will find Pharaoh Island, a tiny island where a citadel was built by crusaders in the 12th century, which is still in ruins today. The island is also surrounded by a coral reef, so you can perfectly combine a cultural excursion with the exploration of the reef.

Coral reefs red sea

Quad Biking Sharm El Sheikh

There are many offers for safaris in the desert in Sharm el-sheik. And not without reason, because it brings a lot of fun to dash on the quad over the desert sand. If that’s too daring for you, you can also make the trip into the desert by jeep to take a look at the impressive landscape.

Many of the desert tours are combined with other exciting experiences. For example, in the late evening, under the starry sky in the middle of the desert, you can comfortably enjoy tea in the Bedouin tent and learn more about the culture of the Arab desert dwellers. They will even show you how they bake their own bread on the fire. With telescopes, you can then, as soon as it is completely dark, admire the magical starry sky.

Quad Biking Sharm El Sheikh

Desert safari Sharm el sheikh

If you want to experience the real life of a Bedouin, you should definitely take a camel ride through the desert landscape of Sharm El Sheikh. You will visit a Bedouin tent where you can enjoy a delicious glass of mint tea while enjoying the setting sun. Most excursions end with a delicious barbecue. There are short and long safaris. For example, it is possible to take a 6-day camel safari, where you go along the Red Sea and visit places like Dahab. You will spend the night according to tradition in a Bedouin tent.

Desert safari Sharm el sheikh

Trip to Cairo from Sharm el sheikh

Egypt has a lot more to offer than Sharm el Sheikh. You can reach both Cairo and Alexandria by bus or by plane. However, since the journey is quite far, around 6 hr (507.3 km).

Kindly note:

  • Direct flights from Sharm el-sheik to Cairo are available for a roundtrip. So you are in the duration of one hour in Egypt’s capital. You can also fly to Alexandria without a stopover.

You should have seen without question the pyramids of Giza, which are located not far from Cairo and are among the top sights in the world. In fact, Cairo has grown so much in the past few years that the pyramids already border directly on the city. More than 16 million inhabitants live in the metropolitan area of Cairo, which you should not miss on a trip to Egypt. The mix of European buildings and the traditional old town is unique. As part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, you should definitely plan a detour through the Islamic alleys, stroll through the lively khan el-Khalili bazaar and take a look at some mosques.

pyramids of Giza

Alexandria Sharm el sheikh

Another exciting metropolis is located about 200 kilometers northwest of Cairo on the north coast of Egypt, which is the second-largest city in the country after Cairo: Alexandria. Due to its location on the Mediterranean Sea, the coastal city is also equipped with a large port. Thanks to an eventful history, numerous historical sights are hiding here. The Royal Jewelry Museum is definitely worth a visit, because the royal possessions are exhibited there and already the building itself impresses with its sight. So does the Library of Alexandria, which is a true work of art of architecture from the inside and outside. Other museums, mosques, palaces and important ruins await you here, so you should include them in your list of Sharm el Sheikh Excursions.

Alexandria Sharm el sheikh

But the Sinai Peninsula and Egypt already have plenty to offer you to make a vacation in Sharm el sheikh Egypt very varied. Just have a look at my offers and find the perfect vacation in Egypt for you.