traveling to Egypt during Ramadan – Ramadan in Egypt

traveling to Egypt during Ramadan – Ramadan in Egypt

Ramadan in Egypt

When is Ramadan in Egypt 2021

Ramadan in Egypt 2021 will begin in the evening of Monday, April 12, and ends in the evening of Tuesday, May 11 (Dates may vary).

If you’re thinking of traveling during the month of Ramadan to get to know this Muslim festival. going to Egypt during Ramadan, If you are a fan of the Islamic heritage and the original historical atmosphere, and those looking to experience new experiences, the cities of Egypt during Ramadan opens its doors for everyone between Ramadan traditions and spiritual atmospheres in addition to historical legacies that are still alive that you can touch between the old streets and alleys in Al-Hussein, Al-Azhar and Moez Street, and many others.
Ramadan in Egypt the streets are decorated and Cairo wears a new dress to receive it, and the homes are filled with joy, and the Egyptians are keen to create an atmosphere of joy and happiness before the date of Ramadan so that neither the street nor the house is free of the manifestations of celebrating the month of fasting by hanging decorations and dazzling lights in its various forms, as shops and cafes are keen To decorate its facades with fanoos Ramadan in its distinctive shapes and sizes.

Ramadan in Egypt

Ramadan meaning

Ramadan meaning in Islam

“Ramadan Mubarak,” or “Ramadan Kareem,” one of the five pillars of the Muslim religion.
During this period, Muslims should avoid drinking and eating during the day. They also cannot smoke or approach their husbands during the day in Ramadan. The believers believe that their sacrifice allows them to get closer to Allah, the Muslim god. It is also a period to repent of sins, reflect on their religion and put themselves in the shoes of the needy.
Fasting during Ramadan is mandatory for all healthy Muslims who have passed puberty. However, it is also a very hard physical and psychological test, especially in summer when there are more hours of sunshine and believers must fast longer.
It is desirable for a Muslim in Ramadan to abound in all kinds of acts of worship and worship and is keen to seize his times, with everything that brings him closer to God Almighty, and that is to preserve the prayer in Ramadan, especially in a group, and to perform it by the presence of the heart, in addition to a lot of The naafil prayer, day and night, just as it is desirable for a person to recite the recitation of the Holy Qur’an, and strive as hard as he could, and it is also important for him to manage what he reads from the Qur’an, and to be keen on understanding it and using it, then the fasting person should be keen on supplication and remembrance And all kinds of alms and donations.

Ramadan meaning

Egypt during Ramadan for tourists

traveling to Egypt during Ramadan

visiting Egypt during Ramadan to a Muslim-majority country like Egypt offers a completely different view to that of other dates. Normally the hours of the essential monuments to see in Egypt are maintained and during the day the streets are calmer, even in Cairo, a beautifully chaotic capital. However, with the sunsets, around 6 pm, the cities begin to bustle, when the Ramadan schedule allows the activity to multiply and you can experience the most festive part of these Muslim festivals.

You will not complete your holiday in Egypt during Ramadan without visiting the Al-Azhar area, which is full of small shops, where you will find all kinds of handicrafts made of copper, tin and pottery, as well as the carpet market and places of tent makers, where you will find interesting designs characterized by the authentic oriental character.

Al-Ghoury Agency (Wekalet El-Ghouri in Cairo), a complex of the Mamluk era in Egypt, is one of the best places to Egypt during Ramadan for tourists, and it has now turned into an entertainment place where visitors can watch folklore and concerts in the evening, and this year visitors will enjoy watching Tanura’s show three times a week, as well About a concert with traditional instruments.

And during your travel in Egypt during Ramadan, you will also be able to visit Khan El Khalili Bazaar, which is the oldest and largest covered bazaar currently in Egypt, and there you can find souvenir shops made of papyrus, gold and silver, knowing that during the month of Ramadan the bazaar opens to The early hours are almost morning.

Cairo also has some of the most architecturally interesting mosques, including the Abbasid, Fatimid and Ottoman mosques, most of which are concentrated in Islamic Cairo that dates back to the Middle Ages, so be sure to visit and enjoy the fragrant spirituality that smells from among its walls in every prayer, especially in Tarawih prayers, which are usually heavily congested by worshipers during the holy month, not only in these mosques but in all of the mosques of Egypt.

travelling to egypt during ramadan

Al-Feshawi Cafe is also a great place to visit in the Al-Hussein area during the month of Ramadan, and perhaps the experience of this famous cafe that dates back to century will add to your trip a lot of fun and privacy in a Ramadan atmosphere that is incomparable in this historic area that is filled with shops open in all Ramadan nights Egypt.

Eid al Fitr in Egypt, what is this?

Eid al-Fitr 2021 in Egypt will begin in the evening of Wednesday, May 12, and ends in the evening of Saturday, May 15 (Dates may vary).

At the end of Ramadan, there is a moment of great importance, spirituality and symbolism for Muslims. On the first day of the following month (Shawwal) Eid al-Fitr is celebrated. On this day, prayers are held in the morning and then, in the afternoon, family meetings and visits begin. In addition, emphasis is given to charity towards the poor. People dress in their best clothes, give each other gifts and share with great joy. Normally, this is maintained for three days which are holidays in Egypt.

Eid al Fitr in Egypt 2021

is it safe to travel to Egypt during Ramadan

Yes, of course, There’s no better way than to dive into the streets of Cairo and its customs to fully understand what Ramadan is and how its inhabitants live it. Vacations in Egypt offers you an atmosphere of spirituality during the month of Ramadan in Egypt through Egypt Classic Tours and vacation Egypt, which exceeds your expectations of visiting magical Egypt day trips and tours.

travelling to egypt during ramadan

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