Women in Ancient Egypt

Women in Ancient Egypt

Women in Ancient Egypt

Women in ancient Egypt were treated as second-class citizens, as , as society was based on the principle of masculinity, but they enjoyed a role and status from a legal and social standpoint. Here we will learn about the lives of women and their role in ancient Egyptian civilization
We know as much about their lives as we know about the lives of men
Ancient Egyptian women played an important role in many aspects of daily life and religion
Women from the upper class of society can reach the same level as men
In certain circumstances, women ruled as queens, especially when there was no suitable male candidate for the throne
Everyone knows Cleopatra VII.

The women of ancient Egypt and their role as wives

The most important role of a woman in ancient Egypt was the role of a wife. Royal families used to take family members as wives, and they would have more than one wife. An example of this is Ramesses II, who had 8 wives, but an Egyptian without a royal family would marry only one, and they had the right to marry once. Others after divorce If the husband files for divorce, he cannot claim any property from the marriage or the death of the husband
Girls were married at an early age in ancient Egypt
A woman cannot be forced to marry someone, and she has the right to reject the proposal.

The ancient Egyptian woman and her role as mother

Motherhood was one of the greatest and most important goals for women in ancient Egypt. The mother faced the risk of death during childbirth. It was represented that the mother spent most of the time inside the house and they helped with planting and harvesting.
They were getting married in order to have an heir, but the problem of infertility caused them anxiety and pushed men to marry again.
The woman would have been looked after by members of her family, who would have used religious amulets and statues to invoke the protection of various deities.
The average number of children in a family was between four and six
They are breastfed for up to three years
Infant mortality rates were high

Working women

Women also worked in daily activities such as grinding grains and harvesting agricultural crops, and they played a role in funerals.

Rights for Women

Men and women had approximately equal status in ancient Egypt
Not only can a woman inherit assets, but she can have her own will and inherit them as she pleases
They can manage and dispose of the property as they wish
Most of them tend to perform traditional domestic roles.
Possible professions included writer, priestess (usually in a temple dedicated to a female deity), teacher, weaver, dancer, musician, and even physician.
Serves as executor of wills, witnesses legal documents, sits on juries, adopts children, and takes cases to court
and Isis, the sister, wife, and equal of Osiris and the god responsible for shepherding the deceased safely into the afterlife. Both Hathor and Isis were at various points considered the divine mother of the pharaoh.

Women in Positions of Power

Women also had an important role in power and governance. They were among the most famous and important rulers and made many achievements, an example of this:

  • Hatshepsut

She ruled for approximately 22 years during the 18th Dynasty, She is famous as one of the most powerful and successful Egyptian rulers ever.

  • Cleopatra VII

The most famous female pharaoh, she was the last ruler of the Ptolemaic dynasty, One of the strongest and most beautiful women of all time.

Female Goddesses

Women’s role was also to organize the gods into triads or families. Among the most famous among them are Osiris, his wife Isis, and his son Horus.
Another female deity was the bloodthirsty Sekhmet,
The goddess Isis, symbolically considered the mother of the ruling king.

Fashion in Ancient Egypt

Linen is woven into a light, cool fabric that provides effective sun protection
Keep the color white
Ankle-length tight dresses were the most practical style
Wealthy women and royalty wore similar clothing, albeit decorated with pleats, beads, and gold thread.
Eventually, open-toe styles crept into fashion as a result of Greek and Roman influences
Most Egyptian women walk barefoot. However, there is evidence that the wealthier classes also made sandals from leather and papyrus
They sometimes used henna to produce a lighter hair color
Kohl was widely used around the eyes
They wear jewelry for decoration and protection from evil spirits
These included the ankh (symbol of life), the scarab (symbol of rebirth), and the Ring of Shen (for eternal protection).





Frequently Asked Questions
What was women's role in ancient Egypt?
Women had an important role in ancient Egypt, as they were wives and mothers and worked in weaving and making perfumes.
How were women treated in Egypt?
With respect and equality, this treatment diminished through the different dynasties that ruled Egypt.
What justifies in Egypt that women became queens?
Giving women a position of power in general was the best way to protect patriarchy.
Who was the most powerful woman in Egypt?
Cleopatra was a famous Egyptian queen, famous for her beauty and political cunning. She ruled ancient Egypt.
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