TOP 10 Things to Do in El Gouna

TOP 10 Things to Do in El Gouna

What to do in El Gouna, Egypt?

  1. Best beaches in El Gouna
  2. lagoon trip el Gouna
  3. Marina El Gouna
  4. kite surfing el Gouna
  5. Diving in El Gouna Egypt
  6. Quad tour el Gouna
  7. El Gouna Swim with Dolphins
  8. Sliders cable park el Gouna Egypt
  9. Nightlife in el Gouna Egypt
  10. El Gouna Cairo day trip

Things to do in El Gouna

Where is El Gouna in Egypt?
El Gouna in Egypt is a town that emerged in the middle of the desert, and although a few years ago there was not much in this location, it has evolved to attract tourists attracted by its characteristics.
Nowadays, this town is modern, pleasant, and safe, where you can spend your vacation in luxury. It is especially notable for the luxury that can be perceived in its vicinity by the yachts that dock at its Abu Tig Marina, as well as its private beaches and Olympic-size swimming pools for those who do not wish to swim in saltwater.

How far is Hurghada from El Gouna?
It is located just about 30 minutes from Hurghada to El Gouna or El Gouna to Hurghada. The transfers are really comfortable and fast, you will not have to worry about traffic jams on the road.

How far is Gouna from Cairo?
One hour by plane or approximately five hours by car from Cairo to El Gouna or El Gouna to Cairo.

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The best places in El-Gouna

This place has become a luxury spot on the Egyptian coast for a dream vacation. It is full of luxury resorts on the privileged coast of the Red Sea where you can stay and enjoy your stay. Consider its turquoise waters and amazing marine biodiversity.

It is a meeting point for divers from all over the world, both professionals and beginners. For all of them, there is a space in the waters of El Gouna; not for nothing, the waters of this site are appreciated worldwide. Appreciated for their extension of corals, they also have excursions available during the day and at night.

One of its great advantages is that diving is one of its main attractions. Many hotels already have diving schools available for their guests. All you have to do is go down from your room to these facilities to practice this activity.

best places in el gouna

Dive sites in the Red Sea

There is even no need to travel by boat from the hotel to reach one of the countless dive sites in the Red Sea. Since the best hotels are very close to the beach, make the most of this location. It also has attractions for the whole family, such as golf courses, amusement parks, and gourmet restaurants with international cuisine.

is equally known for being an ecological tourist destination. The local hotels, in conjunction with the inhabitants, have strived to maintain and preserve the unique environment that develops within these limits of nature.

It is a city where you will appreciate how modern and traditional details are delicately blended so as not to clash with the place.  You will find the work of prestigious architects mixed with touches of the turquoise sea. The best way to describe this place is as a paradise of beauty and glamour.

zeytuna beach el gouna

And besides its organization as a city, as I had already mentioned, its strength lies in the fact that it is one of the perfect destinations in Egypt. Perfect for diving, windsurfing, kite surfing, water skiing, and paragliding. Especially in its two main beaches, which are Zeytuna, which is located on its own island, and Mangroovy Beach.

mangroovy beach el gouna

Dolphin watching is also one of the most recurrent activities here, If you want to share this, there is nothing better than trying it in its waters. For this reason, the “Dolphin House” has become one of the favorite attractions for divers. This is home to a good number of bottlenose dolphins.

Nor can its abundance of wonderful coral gardens and turtles be overlooked. If you wish to appreciate all the marine diversity that exists in the Red Sea but don’t dare to do it with scuba diving,. You will be able to practice snorkeling without any inconvenience, and in case you don’t want to go far from your hotel, you will be able to easily go on excursions, just 45 minutes away from the shore.

dolphin house el gouna

Where should I stay in El-Gouna, Egypt?

Tourism in El Gouna is growing, thanks to all the possibilities it offers. That is why, in recent years, it has become an important vacation destination for those who want to know about a special place in the Red Sea. There are very good hotels where services are offered for the practice of the most requested water activities. As well as availability for activities outside the water, such as golf walks in the desert. In addition to knowing the varied offers of stores and restaurants scattered around the town,.

best hotels in el gouna egypt

Activities in El Gouna

The best beaches in El Gouna

There are two main beaches in El Gouna to consider, and these are Mangroovy Beach and Zeytuna Beach. In the case of Mangroovy Beach, you can identify it as a place to practice sports and enjoy outdoor parties and barbecues. The second one, Zeytuna Beach, is located on its own island and is more conducive to diving and snorkeling.

mangroovy el gouna

lagoon Trip

Probably the most beautiful way to discover the city. Here, you go on a boat through the canals of the lagoon. You will discover impressive villas and gardens where all colors compete with each other. This also applies to the many hotels, which are really beautiful to look at. It is best to book such a trip at the beginning of your stay. It is perfect for arriving inwardly as well. When you leave the boat, you are really tuned into the Orient.

lagoon trip el Gouna

Marina El Gouna

The marina is the heart of the city. Here, El Gouna shines in all its splendor. You can walk along the promenade and enjoy the view of the yachts. The jetties are full of boats, which are an attraction in themselves. For the big and small hunger, there are numerous restaurants. There, you can enjoy local and international dishes on cozy sun terraces. These are covered with colorful flowers and look really impressive. Here, you feel comfortable at any time of the day or night.

Marina El Gouna

kite surfing

On the beaches, there is an ideal wind for kitesurfing. Accordingly, here you can regularly meet friends of this water sport. If you like to spend your days on the board, this is really a good place for it. Besides, it is a good opportunity to take the first steps toward kitesurfing. On the rare days when the wind doesn’t suit you, you can go to Sliders Cable Park. There are no dolphins there, but there is a lot of fun on the wakeboard.

kite surfing el gouna

Diving in El Gouna, Egypt

A large number of diving centers have been established for underwater enthusiasts. Several of them are under German management. The people there know the most attractive areas for diving and snorkeling and will be happy to help you. So you can enjoy yourself safely without getting into contact with boats or diving boats unintentionally. The Red Sea itself is a great place for diving and snorkeling. The underwater world is extremely colorful, which is true for the fish there. The coral reefs are by far not as crowded as you often experience elsewhere. This pleases the underwater inhabitants and their visitors.

Diving in El Gouna

Quad tour el Gouna

Experience a dusty ride through the Sahara as you drive through the unique desert landscape. Start directly with the pickup from your hotel on your quad tour in the endless desert of Egypt. Step on the gas and feel the adrenaline rise in you. To relax a bit after this fast ride, a ride on a desert boat through the Sahara is suitable. Since we have a wide range of quad tours,.

quad tour el gouna

El Gouna swims with Dolphins

Experiencing dolphins up close or even swimming with them—who doesn’t dream of that? In Egypt, you have the chance to do so. What is very impressive is that you can observe the dolphins in their natural habitat. Our boat tour will take you to places where dolphins are at home. Get up close and personal with the dolphins as you swim in the water with them. Enjoy the unique experience of seeing dolphins up close. On our excursion, great care is taken to disturb the dolphins in their natural habitat as little as possible. You have the possibility of participating in different dolphin excursions

El Gouna Swim with Dolphins

Sliders cable Park, el Gouna, Egypt

On the beautiful shores of El Gouna, we have one of the cable parks considered the largest in the world. We are talking about Slider Cable Park. This recreational complex has a variety of attractions that you can enjoy with family and friends in their facilities. It is built on ten kilometers of beach with great infrastructure and excellent service for the enjoyment of its visitors. It has a water park and pool club, a volleyball court, a tennis table, a children’s playground, a bar, and a restaurant.

Sliders Cable Park El Gouna

What to do in El Gouna at night

The Orient is not quiet in the evening! In the downtown of El Gouna, there is a very lively nightlife. People like to party until the early morning. In some of the bars, the fun really starts at midnight! This is great for party animals who don’t want to go to bed early. Conversely, if you want to end the evening on a relaxed note, you can do so here before it gets crowded. Whereas the parties in the lagoon city, despite all the party mood, largely manage without crowds. Here, everything is really relaxed. In addition, the numerous bars and beach clubs offer the right location for every taste. Have fun in Egypt!

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El Gouna Cairo, day trip

Complete Your Magical Time By exploring all the wonders of Egypt, El Gouna offers itself as a starting point for exciting excursions. You can set off from here to pay a visit to Cairo. There you will find highlights like the pyramids of Giza. The famous Sphinx can also be found here.

el gouna cairo day trip

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