Mediterranean Sea

Mediterranean Sea

Mediterranean Sea

Mediterranean Sea is one of the most famous major seas in the world and has an important role in ancient civilizations. It linked countries together and is considered one of the most important tourist areas, where tourists visit its coasts and pleasant beaches and enjoy the moderate temperature. Here we will learn about the most important features of the Mediterranean Sea. And the most important facts about it.

The Most Interesting Mediterranean Sea Facts

The Mediterranean Sea is located in Egypt and is separated from the Atlantic Ocean by the Strait of Gibraltar, which is the first sea in 250 million years.
Geological evidence and earth scientists indicate that the Mediterranean Sea was isolated from the ocean, and this led to a partial drought.
The sea extends from southern Europe, northern Egypt, and eastern Levant, linking Western civilizations with Egypt.

Other Mediterranean Sea facts 

Although many different countries have fought over the Mediterranean throughout history, the Roman Empire controlled it for 400 years.
The truth is that the number of countries in the Mediterranean Sea is 22, as Spain, Italy, Croatia, Greece, and more countries lie on the borders of the Mediterranean Sea, and it includes more than 3,000 islands, some of them large and some small.
The White Sea consists of several small seas, the most famous of which are the Sea of Marmara and the Ionian Sea
The history of the White Sea dates back millions of years, and the White Sea was formed after a major flood.

There are many names for this sea

There is no doubt that the Mediterranean Sea has an important role in linking civilizations, and it has had many names given to it.

  • The ancient Romans called it “Mare nostrum.”
  • But the Egyptians called him “The Great Green.”
  • Turks “White Sea”
  • In Greek “Mesogeios Thalassa” means “the sea between the lands”.But the name Mediterranean Sea comes from the origin of the Greek word, meaning the sea in the middle of the lands.

Mediterranean Sea location on the map

It is located north of Egypt. The Mediterranean Sea was a vital trade route, and European and Arab countries are located on its coast. The Mediterranean region is characterized by mild summers and cold winters, It is a huge sea connected to the Atlantic Ocean through the Strait of Gibraltar, It is connected to the Indian Ocean via the Suez Canal and also connects the White Sea and the Red Sea.

The area of the White Sea

It is considered one of the largest seas in the world and its area reaches 2,500,000 square kilometers, its length is 3,900 kilometers, and its coastline is 46,000. With this area, it represents 1% of the total ocean surface on the planet and is considered a highly saline sea, reaching up to
3.8% The main reason for the salinity of the water is that it loses three times more water through evaporation.

Importance of the Mediterranean Sea

The importance of the Sea is that it connects Europe with the Middle East and the continent of Africa, but because of the problems and political unrest in the region and on the shores and China’s interference in the politics and economy of Eastern Europe, this has led to the disintegration of cohesion.

Mediterranean Sea Egypt

This Sea is characterized by sandy beaches and wonderful blue seas. It is considered one of the most important resorts that Egyptians resort to throughout the summer months. The beaches of the White Sea enjoy a different climate from Cairo.

Wonderful sea

It occupies less than 1% of the surface of the planet’s oceans, but it is one of the seas with the greatest amount of marine biodiversity on the planet.
Undoubtedly, it ranks fourth after Australian waters, where there are more than 17,000
Marine species and ecosystems.
More than 2000 million birds of 150 different species migrate to this sea, There are also types of plants such as the Posidonia plant.

Problems of marine organisms in the Mediterranean Sea

There are many species that live in the sea, including molluscs, crustaceans, and other types of fish, numbering more than 600 species. It is possible but not certain that these creatures entered the White Sea through the Suez Canal from the Red Sea.
Fishing was and remains an economically and historically important activity for the inhabitants.
The Mediterranean Sea is the most exploited sea
Climate change affects water surface temperatures in the Sea and increases
The salinity of the water affects all living organisms that live in this sea.
The Mediterranean Sea is considered the most polluted
There is no doubt that the main problem of the Sea is the deterioration of its waters, due to the multiple human activities practiced by the population.

Trips around the Mediterranean Sea

In order to enjoy the beauty of the coast of the White Sea, the best way is by sea cruises
As Italy, Greece and other countries have coasts that attract many tourists, the ports of Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt are also interesting places for sea trips. These trips take between three or four days, and there are other trips that take more time and days. Much humiliation.

Mediterranean countries

There are many countries on the borders of the White Sea in southern Europe, western Asia, and also northern Africa.

In terms of Europe it includes

  • Spain
  • France
  • Italy and Greece

    In terms of Asia it includes

  • Cyprus
  • Syria and Lebanon

    In terms of Africa includes

  • Egypt

  •  Libya
  •  Tunisia and Morocco


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Frequently Asked Questions
Is Greece part of the Mediterranean?
Since ancient times, there have been strong ties between Greece and the Mediterranean Sea, as it is an integral part of it
Why is the Mediterranean Sea Important?
The coasts of the Mediterranean Sea depend on the stability of the other coast, meaning that the shores of southern Europe and the shores of Libya do not feel safe, but the Mediterranean Sea has become closer to bite and contact has been established between them.
How deep is the Mediterranean Sea?
The Mediterranean Sea is larger than the Black Sea and the Aegean Sea combined No one can estimate the depth of the sea.
What is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea?
The largest island in the Mediterranean Sea is Crete.
Are there sharks in the Mediterranean Sea?
There are many types of fish that live in the Mediterranean Sea, and there are certainly sharks, but they do not represent a danger
what river empties into the Mediterranean sea?
The Nile River.
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