Top 10 Restaurants In Cairo

Top 10 Restaurants In Cairo

 Top 10 Restaurants In Cairo

Top 10 Restaurants In Cairo, Here we will present the best restaurants to eat in Cairo, as we show you the many options that allow you to taste popular cuisine best.

  • Abou Shakra

Abu Shakra is one of the most famous restaurants in Cairo that serves Egyptian grill, famous for its aroma, which attracts you to try it.

  •  El-Dahan

Al Dahan Restaurant was established in 1890 It is one of the oldest restaurants specializing in oriental food, and if you are looking for the best grilled dish, you should try this restaurant.


  • Koshary Goha

It is one of the best places to eat authentic Egyptian food (Koshary), and you can enjoy the place as it is located in the city center.

  • Koshary Abou Tarek

One of the oldest restaurants that serve the popular koshary meal, which consists of pasta, lentils, and onions, topped with a delicious tomato sauce.

  • Abou El Sid

Abou El Sid is a restaurant that is worth trying because it is distinguished by its decorations, music, and various dishes of Egyptian food, such as mahashi and moussaka.

  • Zooba

It is the best restaurant to try oriental food, such as fava beans, koshary, and other street foods.

  • 139 Pavilion

It is an open-air restaurant located in the Marriott Hotel in Giza And wonderful views of the pyramids of Giza. Open 24 hours They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  • Tabula

Tabbouleh is the best restaurant serving Lebanese cuisine in Cairo. The restaurant features a colorful and lively decor with pillows and lanterns, creating a warm and attractive atmosphere. It offers appetizers and sandwiches to suit all tastes, such as hot potatoes, sausages, and kibbeh, and the food is served with fresh juices.

  • Zitouni

Zitouni is a restaurant located in the Four Seasons Hotel Cairo, and it features stunning views of the river. The restaurant features Lebanese cuisine, with an Egyptian touch. You can choose from more than one dish with more than one taste, including grills, seafood, salads, fattoush, and hummus.

  • Saigon

This restaurant is located in the Nile City Towers and is characterized by pleasant views of the Nile. It specializes in serving Japanese cuisine, as it serves sushi. It is an ideal and romantic place to spend a pleasant time and have dinner.

We have presented the ten best restaurants that can be tried in Cairo, but there is no doubt that there are certainly more restaurants than that that will be talked about for a long time and that are also worth trying and enjoying their taste, including the ( Sobhi Kaber ) restaurant.

Sobhi Kaber

It is a modern Egyptian experience and a wonderful and positive family dining experience in general. It offers distinctive Egyptian food, including grills and tagines, and is famous for its molokhiya and fattah. There is also the option of eating in Arabic sessions as if you are a Bedouin and feel that you are in a completely different place, which they prefer. Foreigners enjoy oriental dishes, so Sobhi Kaber Restaurant is worth trying because you do not forget the taste of the food.






Frequently Asked Questions
What is the most popular food in Cairo?
Koshari is the most famous and beloved Egyptian street food It is distinguished by the delicious smell of the sauce, and what is the most wonderful thing about hot sauce.
What is the biggest meal of day in Egypt?
The main meal of the day is lunch, which is a complete meal because often dinner is light or consists of one fruit.
What are 3 traditional foods in Egypt?
Ful Medames (Egyptian Beans), Malfuf Mahshi, Bamia (The Egyptian Okra).
What food is delicious in Egypt?
All popular dishes are delicious, distinctive, and filling, but each person has his own taste in food and chooses what is most suitable for him from all Egyptian dishes. You can choose between grills, mahshi, molokhiya, and more.
What foods to try in Egypt?
Egypt means the popular food closest to Egyptians, and this food is preferred over many other foods due to its distinct smell, such as falafel, koshari, and fava beans of all kinds. In addition, this food has won the admiration of non-Egyptians as well.
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